RDS Budgeting

As the end of the month has drawn closer, I’ve been receiving emails from AWS in regards to my RDS budget’s expiration.

AWS Expiration Message

When I designed the RDS budget, I designed it with the DinoStore project in mind. As the DinoStore project was due on the 29th of April, I set the budget to also finish at the end of the month.

So, with the RDS budget coming to an end, I decided that it would be a good time to check my monthly expenditure in comparison to the budgeted amount. My first look at the budget list showed the RDS forecast to be lower than what I expected, when also considering the RDS billing amount:

RDS All Regions

I considered that the underestimated RDS budget was likely due to an incorrect parameter that I had given it, so I adjusted it to focus on the availability zones; ap-southeast-2, and us-east-1, which correspond to Sydney and North Virginia.
Edit DinoStore RDS Budget

Once these adjustments had been made, the RDS budget showed a current expenditure of $9.28 USD, which matches the billing amount.
RDS Budget Details

Although, my adjustment were made at the end of the budget’s lifespan, the realization and application of correcting my budget will enable me to create a more accurate budget plan for my next project.
From an accounting perspective, rather than a technical one, the RDS budget allowance was an accurate prediction of expenditure for the DinoStore project. This knowledge may be able to be extrapolated into my next project in order to provide a reliable budget in relation to the project and its progress.


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