Lab 7: Using Elastic IPs

The Elastic IP option is found within the EC2 service.

In the Elastic IP window, ‘Allocate New Address’ is clicked, which supplies a new elastic IP.
001 Allocate Address

The new IP can then be selected and a right-click on it reveals the option to ‘Associate Adress’. The address associated with this is the Web Server instance.
002 Associate Address

The new IP address can then be copied and paste into a new browser tab, with /1-Net702.DinoStore/Net702.DinoStore/ added as a suffix. The internal IP for this DinoStore site is noted.
003 Internal IP

The IP address is then re-associated with the web server image. The IP re-association is allowed by clicking the ‘Reassociation’ option box in the IP Association popup window.

This IP is also copied and paste into a browser with the website suffix, and the internal IP noted.
004 Internal IP of AMI

I did not have any challenges or troubles with this lab.


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