Budget Report 14/04/2017

I received another billing alarm last night, this time with respect to my EC2 budget.
EC2 Alarm Forecasted50

Upon further inspection, the source of expenditure was from AWS’ EBS service. This seemed strange to me as I haven’t used EBS during this DinoStore project.

In order to gain a greater understanding of my expenditure, I compiled my AWS bills into a spreadsheet.

Budget Spreadsheet

EBS charge for April has been $0.64

I originally thought that it was due to the MySQL RDS instances that I created for Lab 2, and considered that it may relate to the snapshots that I had created. The dates however, for the creation of the EBS volumes were all in March, and my RDS snapshots were created in April. Upon looking into greater detail of the EBS volumes, I was able to determine that they related to previous RDS instances that I had created for my QwikLabs project.

By looking into AWS’ documentation on EBS volumes, I was able to determine their use and their cost:

Device use:

Device Cost

My next step was to detach the EBS volumes in order to cease any further charge.
Detaching EBS volumes

As for my DinoStore budgeting; I have been using Free-Tier available services and so will not have incurred any other charges.


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