Budget Report: 09/04/2017

Having been working on the DinoStore lab project for a little over a week now, it is time for me to check how I am progressing with my S3 budget.

As it turns out, the Mulit-AZ deployment option for the RDS created is quite expensive to run for long periods of time. As I am still new to using any cloud service at this point in time, so when I created the RDS instance, I was unsure of how to close it without losing all my data. As such, I left it running overnight, which cost me for my lack of knowledge and lack of sensibility to research how to efficiently use an RDS instance.

RDS Billing Table

RDS cost after 24 hours

After realizing my mistake, I figured out what a snapshot was, and how to use it in saving RDS based expenses. The use of the snapshot caused further problems for me, which will be elaborated in DinoStore: Lab 2 blog, and resulted in quite a few more hours of running the costing RDS instance with no progress to show for it.

RDS Billing Table 7_4

RDS Billing on 08/04/17 at 08:34pm

In order to save short-term future costs, I have created a new RDS that runs on the free tier available for AWS. This will save me credits as I learn how to better use the RDS instance so that if I find myself needing to use the Multi-AZ one later in the project, I should have the experience to be able to set it up without causing unnecessary cost to myself.

I have also set up a new budget that focuses solely on any credit expenditure for RDS. This is because I spent at least 200% of the S3 budget, and that expense was only from the RDS service.

Budget Alarm Email

Email Notification for S3 Budget

New Billing Alarm RDS Focussed

RDS Budget for DinoStore


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