Final Budget Report for QwikLABS

Having now completed the QwikLabs assignment, I’ve considered it beneficial to determine where all my expenses occurred.

Budget Spreadsheet

QwikLabs expenditure

The object of foremost concern, is that my largest expenditure is from an attribute in which I cannot confidently associate the cost.

However, If I look over the previous budget logs I can see that the same service has been billed prior. This means that the large expenditure seen here for the KMS is the culmination of accumulated fees.

This appeases my concerns, but is still an area that I will keep in mind. Hence, I’ve created another budget, this one focusing solely on the KMS service. When the forecasted amount exceeds $1.00, so is doubled from now, I will receive a notification informing me of this. This should assist with any short-term future activities that may involve the KMS service.

Budget plan KMS

KMS Budget Plan


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