EC2 Budget Alarm

On the 20th of March, I received a notification that my EC2 budget was in alarm state.
Billing Alarm EC2
I logged into my root account to check my billings in order to review the costs. As I have been completing the QwikLabs, I expect there to have been some cost involved, but I want to be completely aware of where the expenditure has occurred.

I can do this in the Bills section of the Billing Management Console. The exact bills are as follows:

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I can account for all of these costs to be associated with the QwikLabs assignment, so I do not have any concerns about the credit billed.

My next course of action is to create new billing alarms, as the alarm ceases after a single notification. I have set-up the following alarms:
InkedNew Billing Budgets_LI

These alarms will notify me according to the conditions that I’ve set. Each notification has a higher limit set so that I can determine just how much has been debited from my account.


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