AWS Budgeting: Revisited

On 16 March 2017, I received an email notification from Amazon Web Services.
The email contents looked like this:
Monthly Credit Alarm

This email highlighted two things for me. Firstly, that the budget scheme applies to my available credits, and secondly, the notification email doesn’t provide me with any information of which service has caused the expense.

Upon opening my my AWS Budgets dashboard, and scouring the service for further information, I located the source of my expenditure.

The QwikLab activity on keys is the reason I’ve been charged. However, this detailed charge list shows that I’ve only spent $0.03USD, a very minimal amount. In looking at how I organized the Monthly Credit Alarm, I had structured it so that it would alarm if the forecasted value exceed 10% of my budgeted value. As my budgeted value was set at $0.10USD, my expenditure equated to 30% of it, causing the alarm to activate.

In consideration of this new information, I have concluded that with the knowledge of the AWS Budget scheme accounting for credit usage, I should now readjust my budget alarms for more realistic expenditure conditions.


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