AWS Account: Budgeting

This course involves a student account with AWS. This package provides $100 USD worth of credits, as well as access to the Free Tier. Whilst most of what we do in the course will be available on the free tier, some of it won’t. Now, depending on how I budget and set expenditure alarms may be the difference between having over $95 USD at the end of the course, or having needed to spend my own money.

Although this class implies that I’m still only a student playing around and familiarizing myself with the service, I want to consider the budgeting aspect from a business viewpoint. By this, I mean that I want to forecast weekly expenditure based upon the previous week and my knowledge of what AWS services are required for the current week.

As of current, I haven’t needed to use any of the services provided by AWS, so I do not have any information to base my forecasts upon. With this in mind, I’ve created multiple alarms that will alert me of any expenditure over $0.001 (USD).

Bill Alarms croppped

This should, by my understanding, alert me of any expenditure, which I can then use to make any appropriate changes to the current alarms or to create new ones.
However, as this is my first time using AWS, I’m not completely sure as to whether the threshold set in the alarms will respond to the expenditure of the credits, or whether it will respond once all the credits have been spent.

In an attempt to insure myself against such implications, I have also created a budget using the AWS tool available.

Budget croppped

The budget is set to $1.00 (USD), with alerts set for when it the forecast costs for the month exceeds 1% of the budget, and for when the actual costs exceed 1% of the budget.

Utilizing both tools should help ensure that I remain in complete knowledge over my finances for my AWS account. I will however, on occasion, manually check my credit as this will enable me to gain a greater understanding on how AWS interprets the credit usage. I will then adjust my alerts and budgets accordingly.


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